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Keeping your kids out of the middle of the conflict

WhatWe Do

Family chaos, conflict, and change fuels anxiety.

Anxiety undermines clear thinking.

Our goal at is to defuse the anxiety associated with separation, divorce, and the legal process so that loving parents like you can think clearly and keep your kids’ needs first. We do this by providing you with education, orientation, and critical resources produced by family law experts from around the world and presented in simple, clear, and engaging online programs. cuts through the psychobabble and legalese to make court-ordered services including parenting plan evaluation (also known as child custody evaluation), parenting coordination, and co-parenting make sense.


We answer all of the questions that you meant to ask but didn’t have the time, were too overwhelmed, or couldn’t afford to hire an expert to answer for you.

  • What should we tell the kids?

  • Is this alienation?

  • How does a custody evaluation work? is the place that parents go to keep their children’s needs first.

Flexible Programs

We know life is hectic, so all of our online programs are flexible and easy to follow.
  • Enrollment in any program provides 1 year of access

  • Our online videos can be watched anytime, anywhere!

  • Programs use everyday language to make complex issues easy to understand

Our Courses
Preparing Parents to participate in Parenting Plan Evaluations (PPE)
parent is stressed reading legal documents
Get Oriented!
After this program, you will...

Understand the nuts and bolts of the evaluation process

Feel better able to prepare for the evaluation process

Have less anxiety about participating in the evaluation process

Feel better heard by the evaluator during the process

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