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Preparing to Participate ina Parenting Plan Evaluation (PPE)

Learning Goals

Understand the 10 elements of the evaluation process
Become a stronger advocate for your child’s needs
Feel more satisfied that the evaluator understands you and your family
Defuse the anxiety every parent feels about PPE
You’re better
organized, better prepared, and better understood by the evaluator
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We Endorse "Preparing Parents for Parenting Plan Evaluations"

These people and organizations have endorsed PPE-101, approving of its content and value to parents going through divorce.

Audience Applauding
Robin M. Deutsch

This is a very helpful video program that fills a void in the family law process of separation and divorce. In the midst of understandable anxiety, parents grapple with ensuring their concerns and their children’s needs are truly understood.


In a user- friendly way this program clearly outlines the steps of the parenting plan
evaluation process and what will happen to the final product- the report-creating understanding in a time of uncertainty.


Designed to address the pressing concerns of parents navigating the complexities of family law, this resource provides education and support in the challenging process of
separation and divorce.

Judge Christina Harms (ret.)
Mass. Family & Probate Court

Having spent 23 years as a Family Court judge in Massachusetts, I have seen how often parents dive into the PPE process with little or no understanding of what lies ahead, what will and won’t happen, how quickly or slowly the process will conclude, and whether or not they will receive recommendations (which they always hope will be tremendously favorable to their side and point of view). The most important reminder (contained plainly and early in this presentation and perfectly worded ) will be helpful for almost every family involved in a PPE:

We are biased.


We are strongly biased in favor of understanding and serving children’s needs, not your adult needs or wishes. I expect that the PREPARING PARENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN PPE program will help parents lower their apprehension, establish reasonable expectations, and eliminate some misconceptions that are so commonly held by those parents who begin a PPE process with little or no preparation.

David A. Martindale

Mental health professionals perform parenting plan evaluations in

order to gather information and formulate opinions that, when

shared with decision makers, will increase the probability that the

best interests of children will be served.

There can, however, be no doubt that the evaluative process is inherently stressful.

Some of the anxiety can be alleviated when, in advance of the evaluation, those to be evaluated receive easily understandable information concerning the process. The “Preparing to Participate in a Parenting Plan Evaluation (PPE)” program will lessen much of the apprehension associated with the evaluative process.

Robert A Simon

This program is an important tool for parents participating in child custody evaluation/parenting plan assessment.  Since the process can seem daunting and overwhelming, having knowledge about the process and what to expect is key to supporting effective involvement. 



I strongly recommend Dr. Garber’s program for all parents undergoing child custody evaluation. 


You can trust Dr. Garber to bring a child focus and the highest quality to everything he does.

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Ben Garber, Ph.D.

Benjamin D Garber, Ph.D.

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Premela Beck, Ph.D.

Premela Deck, Ph.D.

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